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Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy

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A lot of people don’t know the benefits of sauna therapy, let alone infrared sauna therapy. People most commonly believe you just sweat a little and that’s it, but there is so much more to it.

What saunas are most known for is their detoxification. When sweating in a sauna you are sweating out toxins. In a regular sauna we can sweat out about 3% of our bodies’ toxins. In an infrared sauna we can sweat out about 17% of our bodies’ toxins. Not only does the release of toxins help our bodies, but it also helps our skin. Because these toxins are released through our pores better circulation is brought to this part of the skin and this results in clearer, softer and healthier skin. This is one of the most natural ways we can eliminate harmful toxins in our body. Just by sitting in our sauna for 30 minutes you can be lighter and healthier through the loss of water and toxins.

Infrared sauna

If you didn’t know, cortisol is our bodies’ main stress hormone. Resting in our infrared sauna, the relaxation it promotes helps balance our cortisol levels. The sauna’s heat will relax our muscles, relieving tension over our entire body. Not only will this relive you of stress, but the heat will help your hurting muscles. If you have muscle aches or joint pain, the infrared sauna will help with that too. The release of the tension will allow for increased blood flow and circulation. No tension means no stress. Allow our infrared sauna to completely put your body at ease and take away the tension, stress and pain.

We all know that sweating and weight loss go hand in hand. Want to know why? The heat from the infrared sauna will raise our core temperature. When our core temperature increases so does our heart rate, this is what is happening when we are exercising. Our bodies are working harder in order to lower our core temp and because of our heart rates are increased we will burn more calories, which we know results in weight loss. It is possible to burn around 600 calories in just 30 minutes.

If health, clear skin, stress and pain relief and weight loss are something you are looking for (which, who isn’t?) then why wouldn’t you give 30 minutes of your day to sitting in an infrared sauna?

            Come in to CloudMover for a 30 minutes relaxing infrared sauna session today or schedule online!

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