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CloudMover was inspired by the legend below that was read by the founder in 1995.

The Legend of CloudMover
Cloudmover Angel of Water, is the ancient rain goddess, our grandmother growth, calls the rain clouds from the Pacific. With her sacred goddess staff next to her Heart and a Votive Bowl in her hands she calls aloud. She calls to the deep blue ocean for life to return renewed. With the clouds as her gray blankets she tucks her children in. The People, Plants, and Animals she cares for just the same. She brings the sweet waters that bathe our skin and nurture our bodies. She has taught us to offer all our affection for her rainy days. For we all are the Sons and Daughters of her sacred waters. 
Timothy Hinchliff

Taking The Waters
Spirit -Art -Sensuality
Alev Lytle Croutier
Abbeville Press
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